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Telemetry & Payment solutions
for vending

Reduce your costs by

on service, machine maintenance and cash registers

Increase profitability by

with dynamic price changes and downtime optimization


Data transfer to online monitoring


Cashless payment for goods and services



How it works


We install SmartVend controller in your vending machine


Controller collects data from the machine and sends it to the server


SmartVend server processes the data and saves it to the database


You see all the data about your machines in the personal account


SmartVend Controller v.1.3


purchase price



per month for the machine



per month for the machine

ROI calculator

Calculate ROI in POS terminals for your vending business. Compare 9 POS terminals and get all about:

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What our clients say


Message from CEO

We believe that vending management can be simple and easy, but also highly effective for business. That's why, together with a team of professionals, we established SmartVend — the service that will take maintenance and control of vending machines to the next level.

Since 2019, we've been constantly developing the service, keeping up with the latest technologies and integrating them into SmartVend. And that's just the beginning!

Alex CEO

Blog and news

How SmartVend works with Kaffit coffee machines

Data is a necessity in today's business landscape. It's not enough to place an ad in the local paper or put up a sign on the side of the road. Businesses need to be able to track their marketing efforts in order to see what's working and what isn't. This is where SmartVend comes in. With our Telemetry Controller, businesses can connect their Kaffit coffee machines to our network. This gives businesses the ability to see how much coffee is being dispensed, when it's being dispensed, and who is dispensing it.

How SmartVend works with Eversys coffee machines

Telemetry is the secret to your coffee machine's business success. Knowing in real-time how much coffee of what type is being sold by your machines gives you the power to make decisions that improve sales and customer satisfaction. Eversys now connects with SmartVend's Telemetry Controller, which means you will be able to see all of the sale information in real time on your smartphone. But not only that, SmartVend now detects errors in your Eversys coffee machine, and alerts you about them.

How SmartVend works with Necta coffee machines

Keeping your coffee machines in top shape is crucial to ensuring that your customers always enjoy a great cup of coffee. SmartVend now connects directly to Necta coffee machines, making it easier than ever to keep your machines running smoothly. You'll get access to a dashboard with real-time data on your machine's performance, and you'll be able to remotely monitor and manage all aspects of your coffee machines. This includes being able to remotely diagnose problems, dispense cleaning solutions, and track inventory levels. Plus, with SmartVend Telemetry Controller, you can also receive alerts when something goes wrong, so you can take action quickly to prevent any downtime. You will also be able to control your coffee machines remotely. You can change prices, start the self-cleaning process, and read technical parameters to ensure your machines are always running at their best. And last, you'll be able to accept cashless payments directly from your customers' phones. With SmartVend, you can take advantage of the latest mobile payment technologies to make it even easier for your customers to pay for their coffee.

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